Baker's Table

Someday we'll be able to outside and eat at restaurants again, and for when that day comes: did you know that we have a reasonably priced, farm-to-table hideaway that was voted one of America's 16 Best New Restaurants?

Yeah. Not Cincinnati's Best Restaurant. AMERICA'S BEST RESTAURANT. And cocktails don't even cost your first born child!

Baker's Table in Newport, Kentucky is a joint venture by Chef David Willocks and Wendy Braun that offers rustic seasonal cuisine, handcrafted breads, and espresso and cocktails that are good enough to bring a tear to your eye. "We're guided by the principals of sustainability and community," Willocks says. "We want to stand for growth, family, and respect." Baker's Table supports local farms, small businesses, and Cincinnati events, one of which was donating a portion of their cocktail sales to Pride. They're awesome people who are inclusive and kind and if you need an amazing meal to relax after all this is over, check them out here. And if you have the means and the desire, don't forget to buy a gift card now to use later to help them be able to open again after quarantine is over!