Muse Cafe in Westwood serves not only some great coffee, but also some #aesthetic for the ages.

Calling all Cincinnati coffee enthusiasts...or rather, I guess whispering quietly to all coffee enthusiasts, this is a secret after all. Whatever decibel we're speaking at, we want you to hear that Muse Cafe on the West Side is an awesome Cincy Secret. Tucked away on Harrison Avenue, this gorgeous little coffee shop prides itself in its incredible drink selection from coffee treats to amazing wine to ridiculous cocktails and charcuterie boards (begins drooling).

But above all they take pride in being a space for artists. They host everything from visual artists to storytellers and you'd be hard pressed to walk in on a night when there isn't some amazing live music playing in the corner by the window as you sip your espresso. Do yourself a favor and check them out (We highly recommend any of their seasonal mochas!)