Charlotte and Patrick

Have you met Patrick and Charlotte? You might know them by Charlotte's bright red hair and their amazing matching Disney outfits!

Patrick and Charlotte met in 2014 and quickly decided to be best friends, bonding over their love of Disney and board games. They were married in a Disney-themed ceremony last August. Always seeing things “I2I,” they have a drawer full of matching MeUndies which shows just how unbearably adorable and gross they are together. Patrick is an INTJ and Charlotte frequently tests as an ENFP, which is a good pair according to the Internet. They live with two feline roommates, Finkle and Artoo, in Louisville, Kentucky. They often frequent Cincinnati and you might just bump into them at a concert or the Cincinnati Zoo. Charlotte requires them to hang out at the red panda exhibit several times each visit.

For them, CUSS is a chance to meet like-minded people and connect with new friends. CUSS is full of individuals who are comfortable being their authentic selves and it truly is a place where everyone can feel like they belong. Though Charlotte and Patrick don’t live in the Cincinnati-area, they feel embraced by the kind and supportive community that has formed within this not-a-cult and look forward to every opportunity to visit their fellow wards.

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